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solos on Inventio II I did a series of transcriptions of Bach's keyboard music for double bass duet. This video comes in during the solo section and features Tim Gilson and me playing much more improv than Bach, but trust me, there were minutes of Bach's music before the camera started rolling. At a house concert in NE Portland, June 22, 2019.

Blue Moon excerpt At a house concert, June 22, 2019 with Tim Gilson and I playing double bass duets. We were having fun with the audience and asked them for requests. Someone called out Blue Moon so away we went.

Blue Monk excerpt From a house concert in NE Portland on June 22, 2019. Tim Gilson and I performing Blue Monk, video came on after tune had a already started.

Sitting in at Sweetjam Devin Phillips on tenor, Tyson Stubelek on drums. Video by Cathi Thoorsell. Sweetjam was a fun brunch place near our new home before it abruptly closed. I met several good musicians there, including these guys.

Inventio III excerpt On April 23 I presented a recital at Portland State University in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the MM degree. This is an excerpt of my much longer arrangement of Bach's Inventio III scored for bass duet with piano and drums coming in for the improv solos section. Joining me were Tim Gilson, Clay Giberson and Ron Steen. I think they did a great job!

Preludio II WTC The music of J.S. Bach, Preludio II from the Well-Tempered Clavier, arranged by me for jazz duet with Tim Gilson, premiered at Portland State University on April 26, 2018.

Come Back to Me Nancy Gilliland show at Sacramento Train Museum with Olaf Shiapecasse on drums.

Live at Savanna Jazz playing "Song For My Father" Pascal Bokar Thaim, guitar; Derrick Martin, drums; Nate Ginsberg, piano; Perry Thoorsell, double bass

For All We Know - Le Perez At Angelicas From show at Angelicas, 11/14/2015 with Le Perez, Rick Ferguson on piano and Collette D'Almeida on drums.

No One Ever Tells You sung by Ron Kaplan  Guitarist Larry Scala, Bassist Perry Thoorsell

Three Treats Perry Thoorsell and his composition "Three Treats" which is a duet for two basses performed with Tim Gilson. Video by Cathi Thoorsell.

Don't Get Around Much Anymore Presenting Perry Thoorsell and his arrangement of the Duke Ellington classic "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" performed in duet with Tim Gilson.

Sweet Jazz at Sweet Jam with Devin Phillips Devin Phillips, tenor. Video by Cathi Thoorsell.

Sacred Money Studios Prosperity Pie Shoppe with Paula Byrne and Brandon Nelson, Video by Cathi Thoorsell.

Sitting in at the Living Room Theatre This was the first time I met Dave Captein - that's his five-string bass I'm playing. Sitting in at the Living Room Theatre with Anandi Gefrow and Julie Homi. Video by Cathi Thoorsell.

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